Nissan e-NV200 (2014–)

Model History

May 2014

Nissan e-NV200 launched

Available from July 2014 in both panel van and five-seat combi form, and in two distinct trim levels, the newcomer offers low running cost savings over a conventional diesel van.

Customers can either choose to buy e-NV200 outright or opt for ‘Flex’ – an affordable battery leasing option that reduces the initial purchase price. Whichever option they choose, electric e-NV200 models qualify for a Government grant – up to £8,000 Plug In Van Grant (PiVG) for the panel van, and up to £5,000 Plug In Car Grant (PiCG) for the five-seater combi.

With the Government incentive, the e-NV200 van, in entry level Acenta trim, can be purchased outright for just £16,562.20 while the similarly specced combi is priced at £22,859. Meanwhile, those choosing the Flex option, with monthly battery rental starting from £61 per month will see their initial outlay (incorporating PiVG/PiCG) on the same Acenta level van and combi fall to just £13,393 and £17,855 respectively.

FLEX (Lease battery) Buy Outright
Van ACENTA £13,393 £17,605 £16,562.20 £21,775
ACENTA RAPID £14,259.40 £18,745 £17,428.60 £22,915
ACENTA RAPID PLUS £14,681.20 £19,300 £17,850.40 £23,470
TEKNA RAPID £15,733.80 £20,685 £18,903.00 £24,855
TEKNA RAPID PLUS £16,155.60 £21,240 £19,324.80 £25,410
Combi 5 seats ACENTA £17,855 £22,855 £22,859 £27,859
ACENTA RAPID PLUS £19,349 £24,350 £24,353 £29,353
TEKNA RAPID £20,639 £25,640 £25,643 £30,643
TEKNA RAPID PLUS £21,305 £26,305 £26,309 £31,309

June 2015

Seven-seat e-NV200 launched

Prices start at £19,895 (incorporating the Government Plug-In Car Grant) for those choosing the convenience of the Nissan Flex battery leasing option and from £23,400 (inc PiCG) for those purchasing outright.

At the same time, the e-NV200 line-up will be further strengthened with the addition of a new ‘Evalia’ version available in five and seven-seat form – offering a ‘full trim’ option for the ultimate combination of technology, style, sophistication and comfort.

The developments mean the e-NV200 will be available as a panel van, five or seven-seat Combi, or five or seven-seat Evalia – giving customers the freedom to specify a vehicle that best suits their lifestyle or business requirements.

The seven-seat version of the e-NV200 is configured with an additional two full-size seats to the rear of the vehicle, which can be individually and effortlessly folded and stowed.

Even with all three rows in place, the seven seat e-NV200 still boasts an impressive 870 litre cargo capacity, allowing it to transport seven people and a large volume of luggage.

October 2017

40kWh battery added to e-NV200 with 124-mile range

Updated electric e-NV200 offers a 60 oer cent extended range of up to 174 miles NEDC. And, with no increase in size of the battery itself, customers will face no compromise in either load space or payload.

What does a Nissan e-NV200 (2014) cost?