Nissan Navara (2016–2022)

What's good

3.5 tonne towing capacity.

SUV-like comfort and refinement.

One-tonne payload.

Four star Euro NCAP rating. 79% adult occupant safety, 78% child occupant safety, 78% pedestrian safety, 68% safety assist.

Not restricted to 50mph on two lane roads and 60mph on dual carriageways (can do 60mph on two lane roads and 70mph on dual carriageways).

What's bad

Rear legroom on king cab models is poor.

Some interior plastics feel cheap.

26-10-2016: Report of Navara 2.2 diesel used for short runs needing forced regeneration of its DPF costing £175 after 4 months and 4000 miles. Needs to be driven further for active regenerations not to be repeatedly interrupted.

11-11-2016: 2nd report of new Navara 2.2 diesel needing forced regeneration of its DPF costing £200 after 4 months and 4000 miles. "Driving style" blamed.

2-2-2017: Report of PAS fluid of new Navara NP300 being about 2mm below minimum. Owner assumed it had been short filled. Then after returning from a trip to Germany, the truck had only driven 1500 miles, a leak became apparent. Dealer discovered that power steering pipes not secured properly. Then in January 2017 the rear windscreen shattered. Now there is a leak into the passenger door well. The truck has only done 3500 miles.

30-01-2018: Report of excessive brake wear, with owners having to replace the front pads every 10,000 miles/12 months.  

13-3-2018: Complaint of wiper blades shredding every six months on a Nissan Navara NP300. Same thing happened with owner's previous Navara D40.

25-2-2021: Report of '4wd system fault warning light' coming on intermittently on 2016 Navara. Vehicle has done 92k miles and drives well and has been back to Nissan dealer under warranty but no fault can be found. 

What does a Nissan Navara (2016 – 2022) cost?