Nissan NV400 (2011–)

What's good

Handsome Nissan NV400 offers users a wide variety of choice, encompassing front- or rear-wheel drive, three different roof heights and four body lengths. All this is in addition to maximum capacities of 2.8- to 4.5 tonnes.

Punchy 2.3-litre turbodiesel engine comes in three power outputs and is offered with six-speed manual or semi-auto transmissions.

Comfortable cabin gives driver plenty of space and is very well put together. It’s also well equipped in SE trim.

Large load bay copes well with most demands and a sliding side door is standard on all models.

What's bad

Centre seat in the cab has limited knee room due to proximity of gear lever surround.

Lower spec E trim models are quite basic and don’t have the load lashing points in the load bay of the more expensive SE models.

No ESP fitted as standard to the lower grade E models when it’s included with the SE.

10-6-2019: Report of repeated problems with September 2018 Nissan NV400 F35 L3 Diesel Van. On 18th Sept it broke down and the Fuel Bladder was replaced under warranty. On 15th Nov it broke down and the fuel bladder was replaced under warranty. 7th January 2019 it broke down and the fuel bladder was replaced under warranty. 5th March it broke down and a different garage replaced the fuel bladder with a Renault van pipe that does not need a bladder, Under Warranty. 1st May the Gear Selector Housing exploded (RAC words). Repaired under warranty. Van was delivered back on Friday 7th June and has broken down again. The ignition switches on the Radio, but nothing else. No Dash lights come on. RAC has towed it to a Nissan Garage.

What does a Nissan NV400 (2011) cost?