Peugeot 207 Van (2007–2016)

What's good

The Peugeot 207 van is one of the best small vans to drive and it handles with more panache than most, as well as dealing with bumpy roads effectively.

A well equipped cabin and comfortable seats combine with the 207’s excellent safety kit to make it one of the most pleasant vans to spend time in.

Peppy engines work well at pulling loads and the 207’s load area is accessed through a large rear tailgate.

What's bad

Recall 17-04-2007: Possible electrical short circuit due to alternator terminal wiring being too close to exhaust heat shield.

Recall 26-04-2007: Windscreen wipers may fail due to wiring contacting the mechanism.

Recall 30-08-2007: Window controls may remain active for 45 seconds after switching off ignition.

Recall 19-05-2008: Engine may lose power.

Recall 17-06-2008: Fuse box may cause equipment failures as it might not be to correct specification.

Recall 09-09-2010: Braking may be affected as a coolant pipe might rub on brake line.

Recall 04-11-2010: Engine may fail due to machining fault on crankshaft.

Recall 01-03-2011: Brake fluid may leak due to brake hoses coming into contact with rear suspension.

Recall 01-09-2011: Engine may cut out due to battery earth cable being too short; terminals tightened with incorrect torque wrenches.

Recall 31-10-2011: Pedals may be obstructed if air conditioning diffuser becomes detached.

Recall 16-07-2012: Steering may fail as track rod end ball joints may not have been correctly tightened.

Recall 13-11-2012: Engine may fail due to con-rod bearing shells not conforming to manufacturer specification.

The cabin doesn’t offer enough storage for many business users’ needs and the door mirrors are too small to afford ideal all-round vision.

A drop from the load sill to the load floor can make it difficult to manoeuvre heavy loads in and out of the 207’s cargo bay.

The engines offer decent performance but they can get a little too noisy for comfort when asked to work hard, such as when the 207 van is fully loaded.

What does a Peugeot 207 Van (2007 – 2016) cost?