Review: Peugeot e-Expert (2020)

Zero tailpipe emissions, 186-mile range, same 6.6 cubic metre loadspace as the diesel-powered Expert.

Due mid-2020.

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Peugeot e-Expert (2020): At A Glance

The e-Expert will have a maximum range of 186-miles and offer the same load volume as the conventional diesel-powered Peugeot Expert. 

Buyers will be able to choose between two battery sizes, 50kWh and 70kWh, with both returning a respective 124 or 186-miles range. Both figures have been achieved under WLTP testing rules, which means they should be reflective of real world driving. 

Peugeot is yet to confirm payloads and bodystyles for the new van, but has said the electric version will mirror the load volume of the standard diesel Expert. This means the e-Expert will provide up to 6.6 cubic metres and have a maximum load length of four metres, when fitted with a bulkhead hatch.  

What does a Peugeot e-Expert (2020) cost?