Renault Kangoo (2008–)

Last updated 7 November 2018

It’s clear from the off that Renault has designed the Kangoo with not just the van market in mind but also the passenger car MPV market. Its ride comfort is much better than most vans’ as it soaks up lumps and bumps in the road with considerable ease. It makes the Kangoo a wise choice for anyone who drives over rough city streets or pockmarked country lanes with regularity. It also means the Kangoo is a good at carrying delicate loads that might otherwise be jolted around by some of the Renault’s less sumptuously sprung competitors.

There is a downside to the soft-set suspension and that is more body lean than you experience in a Ford Transit Connect or Vauxhall Combo. It’s not an alarming angle of dangle through corners, but it’s noticeable enough to make the Kangoo stand out from its rivals. Whether this is something that bothers you is more down to personal taste than any dynamic shortcoming of the Kangoo and we rate the Renault’s grip and poise through corners highly in this class.

We also like the Renault’s steering feel, which helps make the Kangoo good to drive in town or on faster roads. It’s light when parking and, combined with relatively compact dimensions whichever model variant you prefer, makes the Kangoo a cinch to slot into those tight parking spots that are the bane of every van driver’s life.

Making life easier for van drivers is the Kangoo’s engine line-up. There's a 1.6-litre 105PS petrol engine but it’s not an engine many users will take up as 36.7mpg average economy and 180g/km CO2 emissions cannot come close to matching the diesels’ far more impressive figures. The 1.6 petrol was axed from the Kangoo range in 2013. 

The 1.5-litre dCi turbodiesel engine is a common sight in the Kangoo and in many other Renault models. It’s a very sound engine and, as a measure of its reliability, it has not been subject to any recalls since the Kangoo arrived in its current guise in 2007. In fact, the Kangoo has been subject to very few recalls overall, suggesting the design is spot on.

At launch, the 1.5-litre dCi came in 75PS, 85PS and 110PS variations. With the entry-point diesel, Renault also offers its Eco2 technology to further improve economy and lower emissions, with 60.1mpg and 112g/km CO2 emissions compared to the standard 75PS diesel’s 52.3mpg and 129g/km. There is an additional cost in choosing the Eco2 model, though this is compensated for by it coming in the more generously equipped Core trim rather than the most basic Debut configuration.

The 90PS and 110PS diesels offer stronger acceleration and better cruising than the 75PS unit, which can struggle on the motorway. Both of the more powerful diesels are refined and make light work unless the Kangoo is loaded to its maximum capacity.

Euro6 versions of the 1.5-litre dCi were introduced in September 2016 with lower emissions and more power, with 80PS, 90PS and 110PS. 

Then there is the Z.E battery-powered Kangoo. It has an electric motor with 60PS, which is less than the least powerful diesel but because the electric motor offers instant shove it feels just as zesty. A single-speed automatic transmission makes life very simple for the Kangoo ZE driver as all you do is press the throttle to go and the brake to stop. Top speed is 80mph, so the Kangoo ZE can tackle motorways, but this will drain the battery quite quickly and reduce its practical range, which is rated at 106 miles in mixed driving.

With zero tailpipe emissions, the Kangoo Z.E is exempt from the London Congestion Charge and, as it can be charged from a plug point, it also qualifies for the Government’s grant to help offset the cost of battery-powered commercial vehicles. However, you should bear in mind you will have to pay a monthly rental for the battery as Renault sells you the van but hires you the battery.

Engine Fuel tank MPG CO2
0.0 - - 93 g/km
dCi 105 + Euro 4 60 L 51 mpg 146 g/km
dCi 105 Auto Euro 4 60 L 34 mpg 195 g/km
dCi 105 Auto Euro 5 60 L 35–37 mpg 180–190 g/km
dCi 105 Euro 4 60 L 34–51 mpg 146–195 g/km
dCi 105 Euro 4 60 L 52 mpg 142 g/km
dCi 110 + Euro 5 60 L 51 mpg 144 g/km
dCi 110 5 60 L 60–61 mpg 119–123 g/km
dCi 110 Euro 5 60 L 51–53 mpg 140–144 g/km
dCi 70 Euro 4 60 L 53 mpg 140 g/km
dCi 75 5 60 L 61–67 mpg 110–119 g/km
dCi 75 Euro 5 60 L 54–66 mpg 112–137 g/km
dCi 85 + Euro 4 60 L 53 mpg 140 g/km
dCi 85 Euro 4 60 L 53–58 mpg 130–140 g/km
dCi 90 + Euro 5 60 L 53 mpg 140 g/km
dCi 90 5 60 L 57–61 mpg 119–130 g/km
dCi 90 Euro 5 60 L 53–58 mpg 129–140 g/km
List Price from £15,830 +VAT
Buy new from £9,490 +VAT
Contract hire from £139.00 +VAT pm
Lease from £148.00 +VAT pm

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