Renault Kangoo (2008–)

What's good

Wide choice of body lengths and styles means the Renault Kangoo offers something for most users’ needs.

Petrol, diesel and zero emissions Z.E versions are available, making it one of the most diverse van ranges around.

The Kangoo is very comfortable to drive and high-set driving position gives an excellent view of the road ahead.

Large cargo area can cope with a single Euro pallet in the smaller models and two Euro pallets in the larger Kangoo versions.

What's bad

Recall 27-10-2009: Power steering assistance may be lost due to a software fault.

Recall 22-06-2010: Front brake hoses may become disconnected resulting in loss of brake fluid and braking efficiency.

Recall 17-01-2012: Seatbelt may fail due to lower mounting bolt becoming loose.

Recall 25-9-2014: Renault Kangoo recalled to correct faulty installation of the antilock braking system (ABS) in which some connectors were found to have been reversed.

Soft suspension means a fair amount of lean in corners, though this doesn’t affect the safe handling.

Electric Z.E version comes at a price premium and you have to pay a monthly rental for the battery.

The Kangoo’s cabin is on the drab side, even if it is sturdily hard wearing, which makes it less appealing than some rivals’.

TSB regarding supplied J1772/Type 2 charging leads for Renault Fluence ZE and Kangoo ZE. If owners of Fluence ZE and Kangoo ZE find the Type 2 plug on the supplied charging lead gets warm to the touch during charging, they should contact their dealer for the lead to be checked and replaced if necessary. The Type 2 plug should remain at ambient temperature during 3.6kW charging, and should not get warm.


What does a Renault Kangoo (2008) cost?