Toyota Hiace (2007–2012)

What's good

Reliability for the Hiace more than justifies Toyota’s superb reputation for longevity and dependability.

Light steering, brake, throttle and clutch controls work in harmony with a superb gear shift to give the Hiace an almost saloon-like feel.

Later models come with improved noise-calming sound insulation to make the Hiace more bearable on longer journeys, and air condition is also standard on later models.

What's bad

The engines may be dependable, but they are also dependably noisy in all circumstances, so longer trips can be an aural assault.

There is a surprising amount of lean when cornering in the Hiace, even when the van is running light, which comes as a shock to anyone used to more modern vans.

One of the biggest areas where the Hiace shows its age is the cab design, though it’s practical enough. However, the standard stereo is just too fiddly to use safely on the move.

What does a Toyota Hiace (2007 – 2012) cost?