Vauxhall Corsavan (2007–2015)

What's good

Compact exterior dimensions allows the Corsavan to flit through congested streets with remarkable ease and it’s a doddle to park too.

The 95PS 1.3-litre Ecoflex turbodiesel is a very economical engine and offers superbly low emissions.

While being able to carry a useful amount of cargo, the Corsavan is great fun to drive thanks to agile handling and accurate steering

What's bad

Recall 07-02-2007: Steering control may be lost due to a fracture of the lower suspension control arm near the bush due to a production fault.

Recall 12-12-2007: ABS may fail due to moisture entering the connector/control unit.

Recall 20-12-2007: Steering may fail due to telescopic shaft lacking rigidity.

Recall 10-06-2008: Braking performance may be reduced due to ABS/ESP modulator not being correctly filled with hydraulic oil.

Recall 10-06-2008: Handbrake may fail as mounting could move in its support bracket.

Recall 19-09-2010: Braking performance may be reduced due to insufficient strength of material used in brake pedal bearing.

Recall 19-09-2011: Handbrake may fail due to not holding in position when applied due to nonconformity of materials that affect hardness of the ratchet and pawl material.

Loading and unloading heavier items will put a strain on your back as there is no side door to help with access.

Vauxhall would do well to fit a full height steel and mesh bulkhead to help protect occupants from moving loads and to make the load area more secure.

Many of the plastics used throughout the Corsavan’s cabin feel hard and cheap, though they are durable. We’d also like to see more storage in the cabin.

DPF failed completely in Corsa 1.3 CDTi bought new on 7-9-2012. Before then had been back 5 times due to DPF problems and has now been waiting 8 weeks for the new DPF which is in short supply. Many similar problems in Corsa Van and in Fiat 500 with the same engine.

Diesel particulate filter problems reported with Corsavan 1.3 CDTi. Same problem as widely known with Royal Mail Corsavan 1.3 CDTi and with Fiat 500 1.3 Multijets fitted with the same engine. Reader paid £1763 to have the DPF replaced first time round and now, 12 months later, it has failed again. Something is wrong with the active regeneration cycle with thiese engines, but Fiat refuses to acknowledge it.

What does a Vauxhall Corsavan (2007 – 2015) cost?