Volkswagen Caddy (2010–2015)

What's good

The best small van on the market in terms of comfort and refinement.

High quality interior echoes Volkswagen passenger cars and means the Caddy is a pleasant van to spend all day in.

Seats are surprisingly supportive.

4Motion four-wheel drive version is ideal if you're going to tow.

What's bad

Following worldwide recall of 2.6 million vehicles due to crystalline deposits in the synthetic oil in 7-speed DSGs affecting the Mechatronics units causing the fuses to blow, Volkswagen is recalling 30,000 UK market vans and LCVs fitted with 7-speed DSGs to change the oil in them from synthetic to mineral.

Entry-level 1.6 TDI with 75PS feels sluggish with a full load on board.

11-03-2017: Report of Caddy Life losing all power after Volkswagen's emissions technical update. RAC diagnosed an injector fault but Volkswagen dealership is denying the problem is related to the technical update. 

20-03-2017: Report of Caddy van using more fuel after Volkswagen's emissions technical update. Consumption reportedly down from 48-50mpg to 36-38mpg. Reader also says that engine performance is notably poorer below 2000rpm.

05-04-2017: Huge increase in oil usage reported after Volkswagen's emissions technical update. Rear says oil light is coming on and van has used four litres of oil in 1000 miles. The van never used any oil previously and shows no signs of leaks. 

06-04-2017: Report of 2012 VW Caddy diesel having NOx emissions fix then a week later it refused to start. RAC identified it as the EGR valve. VW said to bring it in for a diagnostic test which would be FOC if it was the result of the fix. Then they told the owner it was a coincidence, charge £90 for the diagnosis and quoted £900 for the part.

15-05-2017: Report of EGR failure after Volkswagen NOx emissions fix. Owner quoted £1000 for repairs. 

23-05-2017: Another report of EGR failure on 2011 Caddy 1.6TDI soon after NOx emissions fix.

21-07-2017: Report of injector of EA189 1.6TDI engine of 16,000 mile VW Caddy failing after the NOx emissions fix.

15-11-2017: Series of problems reported with 2011 VW Caddy 1.6TDI DQ200 7-speed dry clutch DSG, ex Mobility, specifically adapted for transporting someone with special needs: Taken to dealer in December 2016 with clutch judder and loss of power, eventually losing drive completely. Clutch pack replaced at owner's cost. Then began to not change gear correctly. The in January 2017 stuck in Park. Dealer diagnosed failed Mechatronics and that there were metallic metal particles present in the oil. They had to replace the complete gearbox and clutch pack, again at owner's cost. Since then it has been returned to the dealer on 6 occasions totalling 9 weeks since having the gearbox replaced. VW told owner that the rolling radius ofhe tyres differed by 4% and that he needed to fit new tyres before they could continue looking at it. He replaced all 4 tyres and returned the vehicle to the dealer where they couldn’t find a fault. Owner took master tech out for a road test and in 2 miles confirmed the faults where the vehicle was holding in gear (70mph 5th gear) or when in 7th traveling at 65mph if he tried to accelerate to overtake a car the vehicle would kick down to 3rd gear causing the engine to drastically and dangerously over rev. Rattling when changing up or down gears in drive and hesitation at junctions or roundabouts. Dealer then had the vehicle for 5 weeks and has to date changed ECU programming, throttle pedal, an EGR valve and all 4 injectors under instruction from the factory in Germany. Still not fixed. 

03-12-2019: Report of injector failure on 2014 Caddy with the 1.6 TDI diesel. Issues started with a tapping noise getting louder. Owner pulled over and found fuel all over the engine bay and two injectors broken away from the head (numbers three & four). 

22-7-2020: Injector failure on 2010 1.6 TDI Caddy with 60,000 miles on the clock. 

What does a Volkswagen Caddy (2010 – 2015) cost?