Britain’s favourite commercial vehicles

Sales figures tell us which vans and commercial vehicles are flying out of dealerships – but that’s only half of the picture, since new models only make up a portion of the total number of vans on the road. So what about the total van ‘parc’ for the UK? Which vans are on the road in the highest numbers?

We requested figures from the SMMT and found out which commercial vehicles exist on the road with MoT and tax in the highest numbers, showing which vans and pick-ups really are the most popular with British drivers. Pictures are of the latest model, but numbers are for all examples, old or new. 

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Ford Transit – 641,690 on the road

Most of you probably guessed what would be at number one, but the fact it and the Transit Connect, in fifth place, together sold in greater numbers than almost everything else in the list combined is a real surprise. The Transit is effectively the default choice of van, with myriad variants to suit all kinds of users.

It’s been around for a long, long time too, with plenty of survivors from earlier generations still on the road. Some of these will still be in daily use, while many serve as conversion bases for motorhomes or minibuses. Transit popularity doesn’t look likely to be waning either – the Transit Custom sold in greater numbers than any other van in 2015.

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