Top 10: Minibuses

Vans are, by design, empty, and to make use of that space and capitalise on a few more sales a lot of van manufacturers produce their own minibuses. The number of seats varies depending on what length of van the bus is based on, ranging from shuttles with six seats to larger, 17+ seaters suited to running local bus routes or for group hire.

Remember to check your licence covers you to drive a minibus – a car (B) licence is fine for up to 8 passengers and a gross weight of 3500kg - any more seats requires category D or D1 depending on the number of seats. 

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Ford Transit/Tourneo People Mover

The most popular van range in Britain wouldn’t be complete without a minibus variant. There is more than one, in fact – there are smaller, eight- and nine-seat shuttles and larger 17-seaters. The shuttle makes an ideal airport taxi, while the larger models suit private hire for larger groups.

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