Top 10: Petrol vans

Petrol vans have come a long way over the past few years, with many matching the torque and payload ratings of their diesel counterparts. Not only will a petrol van save you any expensive diesel particulate filter (DPF) issues, bit it could also improve your daily drive with improved refinement and performance. These are the top 10 petrol vans on sale right now. 


Ford Transit Connect 

The Transit Connect petrol is easy to drive and extremely comfortable, with impressive handling and an upmarket interior. Ford offers both the short and long wheelbase with the 100PS 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol, while older versions (from 2014 - 2016) can also be found with the 1.6-litre EcoBoost with 150PS.

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Volkswagen Caddy 

The Volkswagen Caddy has been sold with a broad range of petrol engines in the past, but only the 1.0 TSI is available to new buyers. The three-cylinder petrol packs a punch and is advertised with 49-51mpg, while maximum payload ratings peak at a respectable 736kg. 

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Citroen Berlingo

The latest Citroen Berlingo is great all-rounder, with its practical loadbay and car-like handling making it a popular van with builders and delivery firms. The 110PS 1.2-litre PureTech petrol is a competent performer in the Berlingo van, while the comfortable and well-equipped cabin pushes the Citroen to the front of the pack when it comes to refinement.

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Fiat Doblo Cargo

Another van that scores high for value is the Fiat Doblo Cargo. All are capable of carrying more than pricier rivals, with a maximum payload of 750kg. Fiat offers just a single petrol engine – a 1.4-litre with 95PS - and officially this will return 39mpg. Maximum torque is modest – 127Nm from 4500rpm – but the Doblo remains a great choice for those who cover short distances on daily basis. 

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Mercedes-Benz Citan

The Mercedes-Benz Citan is based on the Renault Kangoo and offers car-like comfort and refinement. The 112 version – powered by a 1.2 turbocharged petrol – will actually match the 109 CDI for carrying capacity, with a maximum payload of 492kg. Factor in the 190Nm of torque and claimed 45mpg and the petrol looks impressive on paper. 

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Ford Fiesta Van

Proof that great things come in small packages, the petrol Fiesta Van combines a 508kg carrying capacity with a frugal 56mpg - 59mpg official fuel economy. The one cubic metre load bay makes the little van a perfect companion for those who don't require acres of load space, while the 1.3 metre load length gives the Fiesta lots everyday usability. 

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Vauxhall Combo

The Vauxhall Combo shares its platform, engines and tech with the Citroen Berlingo. This means it is easy to drive, efficient and supremely practical. For example, fit the optional FlexCargo load-through hatch and this compact van will carry pipes and ladders, measuring up to 3.4 metres.  

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Peugeot Partner

The Peugeot Partner is another small petrol van born out of the Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall alliance. Like its French stablemates, the Combo's a brilliant van that raises the bar for quality and refinement. The Partner is available in two load lengths - standard and long – and even the smallest version will accommodate two Euro pallets.

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Fiat Fiorino

It might be small in size, but the Fiat Fiorino is a capable and efficient little van. All versions will carry a Euro pallet and a maximum payload of 610kg, which makes the Fiat perfect for city driving. There is only one petrol engine on offer, a 75PS 1.4-litre unit, but it provides punchy performance and will provide a claimed 41mpg.

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Vauxhall Corsavan

The Corsavan was given a comprehensive overhaul in 2015, with better payload ratings and an improved 1.2-litre petrol. The 70PS four-cylinder engine will officially return 115Nm of torque and 52mpg, which makes it perfect for light delivery work. The cargo volume remains 0.92 cubic metres - or 920 litres in old money, slightly less than the Fiesta Van.

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