Volkswagen Caddy (2010 – 2015) Review

Volkswagen Caddy (2010 – 2015) At A Glance


+High quality interior, refined and comfortable making it ideal for both long and short work, impressive TDI engines are punchy yet frugal, ESP as standard.

-1.6 TDI model can feel underpowered when full laden, narrow load area compared to rivals, increasing number of injector problems.

The Volkswagen Caddy may have started life as a pick-up but these days it's one of the best small vans around. The current version isn't technically new but rather a thorough overhaul of the 2003 model with a new look and a high quality interior. In terms of comfort and refinement, there's little else this size that can match the Caddy aside from the latest Ford Transit Connect.

Alongside the standard Caddy is a long wheebase version, the Caddy Maxi, but both are powered by the same engines - either a 1.6 TDI or a 2.0 TDI - the latter of which is also available with 4Motion four-wheel drive which is handy if you're going to be tackling more tricky conditions. Stick a set of winter tyres on when it turns cold and the Caddy 4Motion should prove great in the snow and ice.

Both these TDI engines - in their various power outputs - are common rail diesels which means they are far quieter and smoother than the older PD engines that the previous Caddy used. They are also Euro 5 compliant and available with Volkswagen's DSG automatic gearbox alongside the standard manual transmission. The most economical Caddy is the BlueMotion Technology with the 102PS version of the 1.6 TDI - it has an official economy figure of 55.4mpg.

In terms of practicality the Caddy is starting to show its age. The load area of both is narrower than many rivals and although you can fit a Euro pallet in, it has to go lengthways rather than widthways. The side door openings could also be bigger to make access easier. That said overall load volumes are good on paper with 3.2m3 for the Caddy and 4.2m3 for the Maxi. Payloads have increased and now range from 681kg to 766kg although that's still not as high as alternatives like the Ford Transit Connect.

Used Buying Guide - Volkswagen Caddy

A classy, well specified, fine driving van, the Caddy is a great used buy. However, there are a few well-known faults that you have to look out for when buying used, with DSG automatic gearboxes and EGR valves being problematic and costly to repair. 

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Ask Honest John

Why is my Volkswagen Caddy diesel van losing power?

"My 2015 Volkswagen Caddy 1.6-litre TDI is losing power. It starts fine and ticks over. Can you tell me what the problem may be? "
There are a number of reasons why your Caddy van may lose power. -Clogged air or fuel filter -Blocked or faulty DPF -Problems with the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valves -Faulty or damaged fuel injectors The last one of this list is the most concerning, as it's a known weakness on this generation of the Caddy. It’s an expensive fix. Buy direct from Volkswagen and you’ll be looking at a bill anywhere from £2000-£3000 to replace them all. If it is the injectors then it’s a false economy replacing a single one. Aftermarket, original equipment injectors can be sourced and will save you about a third over official parts, but it’s still a pricey fix should it need doing.
Answered by Dan Powell

My van has suffered to faulty injectors. Can I expect compensation from the manufacturer?

"An injector in my 2014 Volkswagen Caddy (18,000 miles) has been replaced. There's now another one showing faulty. Is there any recall or compensation from Volkswagen?"
This generation of Volkswagen Caddy is well known for problems with its fuel injectors. Buy direct from Volkswagen and you’ll be looking at a bill anywhere from £2000-£3000 to replace them all. It’s a false economy replacing a single one. Aftermarket, original equipment injectors are available and will save you about a third over official parts. It's unlikely you'll get any help from VW. My advice would be to find a trust worthy Volkswagen van specialist. Our Good Garage Guide should be able to help you with this:
Answered by Dan Powell

Does my Volkswagen Caddy have a problem with its turbo?

"How are you able to tell if a turbo is not working on a Volkswagen caddy 1.9 diesel? My van is losing power and smoking when I rev the engine. It also wants to stall when I try to pull away."
Could be a loose intercooler hose or something more serious with the turbo. I would recommend getting the van checked by a Good Garage. You can find a local one here:
Answered by Dan Powell

Would you recommend a Ford Transit Custom or a Volkswagen Caddy?

"Which is the better van, a 2014 Ford Transit Connect or a Volkswagen Caddy?"
Both are classy and capable mid-size vans; however, when it comes to all-important reliability, the Volkswagen has a poor reputation compared to the Ford. EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valves are a known weak point on the Caddy and DSG automatic transmissions are also problematic, with a replacement costing as much as £6000. If I was buying a used van, I'd choose the Ford Transit Connect every time. For more on the Volkswagen Caddy, see: For our full review of the Ford Transit Connect, see:
Answered by Dan Powell
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