Citroen Berlingo MPV Review 2024

Citroen Berlingo MPV At A Glance


+Exceptional legroom and loadspace. High level of standard equipment. Affordable running costs. Available as a seven-seater.

-Van-like cabin will not be to everyone's taste. Lots of body roll in the corners.

The Citroen Berlingo MPV is a great family car that delivers space, comfort and a well-thought-out interior at a price that most people can afford. Car snobs will undoubtedly sneer at its curious design and van-origins, but their loss will be your gain.

Like its Multispace-badged predecessors, the Berlingo MPV (as it's now called) is based on Citroen's popular van, which means it's designed to cover huge distances at the lowest possible cost. However, unlike the noisy and low-thrills Multispace window vans, the Berlingo MPV gets more car-like tech and better soundproofing. 

Running costs are van-like and affordable, with the 1.5-litre BlueHDi diesels advertised with 64 to 69mpg, while the 1.2-litre PureTech petrols promise more than 50mpg. You also get the option of a six-speed manual or eight-speed torque converter auto.

Being a van, the Berlingo gets two side sliding doors as standard, which makes it easy to get people, pets and large objects in and out. Usefully, each seat can be independently folded to provide a flat floor. Unfortunately the rear tailgate is heavy and awkward to use in small spaces, like multi-storey car parks, but the optional tailgate window goes some way to solving this problem.

Available as a five or seven-seater, the Berlingo leaves its car-based rivals in its wake when it comes to comfort and practicality, with the largest versions offering 4000 litres of load space. The high roof and wide body provides lots of head and shoulder room for five adults across two rows. A third row of seats gives the Berlingo school bus practicality, while the second row gets three Isofix child seat mounts as standard. An unobstructed floor in the front means driver and passenger can get out either side.

On the road, the Berlingo MPV drives surprisingly well, given its plump dimensions. The steering is light and nicely weighted, while the mid-range diesels strike a nice balance between performance and economy. The standard fitment of cruise control, active lane assist and speed sign recognition also make the Berlingo easy to use on long motorway runs.

It might not win any admiring glances at the local golf club, but the Citroen Berlingo MPV delivers where it matters with its high levels of standard equipment and comfortable cabin making it a hassle-free daily driver. Add in its low fuel costs and affordable list price and the Berlingo MPV shines as a bit of a bargain.

Ask Honest John

What's the best seven seater for an Uber driver?

"I am an Uber driver and do more short journeys than long. I need 7 seats - what do you recommend"
An electric Citroen e-Berlingo or bigger e-Spacetourer might be a good choice. Both are van-based people carriers that are ideal for short town journeys, especially if you have access to a charger. Also look at the Vauxhall equivalents (namely the Combo-e Life and Vivaro-e Life) as well as the Peugeot e-Traveller, or a Nissan e-NV200. If you're not ready for a pure-electric car, look at a hybrid MPV such as a used Toyota Prius+. As a left-field alternative, the Dacia Jogger represents exceptional value for money - although the rear-most seats are only really suited to occasional use.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Can I reduce road noise with different tyres?

"I have a 2019 (current model) Citroen Berlingo XTR Flair Auto diesel 130, which suits me well with one exception - road noise. It has newish Michelin 205/55 16" tyres, chosen for a good 'outside the car' noise rating. On noisy surfaces I still can't listen to music comfortably due to the road rumble. I had the same problem with the previous worn Dunlop Efficientgrip tyres. I've had the car doors roof and floor deadened with anti-resonance pads - that helps, but not enough. I suspect the solution is tyres that rumble less - suggestions please?"
Choosing a tyre with a low noise rating can certainly help reduce road rumble entering the cabin, and the measures you have taken with additional soundproofing are also a sensible option, but it is worth bearing in mind that the Berlingo is a van-derived vehicle so ultimately it will always be somewhat noisier than a conventional car. The tyres with the lowest noise rating in your size on are the Dunlop Sport BluResponse and the Yokohama BluEarth ES32, both of which have a 68dB noise rating. Kind regards, David
Answered by David Ross

I need one vehicle than I can use as a car and a van, what are my options?

"I have a car and a van but use both, I'm wanting to sell both and just get one vehicle that will do the job of both vehicles. Any ideas what type would I be looking at? "
If you need a vehicle that can operate as both a car and a van, we would suggest looking at a van-derived car such as the Ford Tourneo Connect, Volkswagen Caddy MPV and Citroen Berlingo, all of which have the flexibility to do both jobs.
Answered by David Ross

My son needs a car that can take three child seats, what are his options?

"My son has already has a daughter and is now expecting twins. What cars can fit three child seats side by side, and do these have to be Isofix fittings?"
There are quite a few options when it comes to cars that can comfortably take three child seats. We'd always strongly recommend Isofix for all child seats as it's far safer than purely a seatbelt mount. If your son is looking for an SUV, depending on budget we would recommend the current Audi Q7 or for something cheaper, the Peugeot 5008 which both have three Isofix mountings in the middle row. He could do down the less fashionable MPV route, but these do have lots of space. We'd recommend the Ford S-MAX but there's also the Ford Galaxy, SEAT Alhambra, Volkswagen Touran and the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso (later nenamed the Grand C4 Spacetourer) that are worth checking out. As these are all seven seaters, depending on how old your granddaughter is (and what car seat she has), she can either sit in the middle or alternatively the back row. The only difficulty is that with a Group 0+ child seat on both outer seats, access to the rear seats is pretty much impossible. If you're on more of a budget, the Vauxhall Insignia Sport can take three child seats on the back row although it's not as roomy as an SUV. If you want practicality, there are options like the Citroen Berlingo from 2018 onwards. The second row has three individual seats, each of which has Isofix, and there's also the option of the Berlingo XL which has seven seats.
Answered by David Ross
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