Ford Ranger (2011 – 2022) Review

Ford Ranger (2011 – 2022) At A Glance


+Stylish and rugged looks, comfortable cabin, five star Euro NCAP crash safety rating, impressive towing ability.

-Lacks the refinement of its rivals, engines are noisy when pushed, 2.2 TDCi feels lethargic, reports of poor quality paintwork on 2013 models.

The Ford Ranger is a rugged and durable workhorse built in the same mould as pick-ups found in America, with muscle car styling and big load carrying potential. Like its stateside cousins, the Ranger is strong, with a 3.5 tonne towing limit. It is impressive off-road too, which makes it ideal for those who regularly need to take one-tonne payloads off the beaten track. 

The third-generation Ranger was introduced in 2011 and initially came with a 2.2-litre - with 125PS or 150PS - alongside a more powerful 200PS 3.2-litre turbodiesel. In 2013 Ford gave the 2.2 turbodiesel a small power increase, with 130PS or 160PS. In 2019, the 2.2 diesel was replaced with the 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel with 170 or 213PS and the option of a 10-speed automatic gearbox. 

Good to drive in all conditions, the Ranger benefits from smooth and responsive controls that make it an easy drive on busy motorways or twisty B roads, even with a fully laden trailer in tow. It is good off-road when fitted with four-wheel drive, with high and low ratio gearing that make is easy to tackle steep ruts and inclines.

All models get a large loadbed, with the choice of single, super or double cab bodystyles. Single cab models will carry the most - a maximum of 1269kg - while double cabs will take around 1100kg. Getting into the loadbay is easy and the wide opening makes it simple for fork lift drivers to access.

Ford offers a wide range of tonneau covers, shutters and bedliners to protect your pick-up from damage and kept it secure. There is a range or factory-fit hardtop covers too, which effectively transforms the back of the Ranger into a panel van. Maximum towing capacities were upgraded from 3.3 tonnes to 3.5 tonnes as part of the 2013 facelift. 

The cabin is well-made and comfortable with a spacious and durable interior that genuinely feels like it's built to cope with everyday working life. Finding a good driving position is easy and even entry-level models get comfortable and well-padded cloth seats. Double cab models will easily carry four adults and, as you'd expect, things get a bit more luxurious as you move up the trim levels and the range-topping Wildtrak getting leather seats, soft-touch trims and a large eight-inch touchscreen.

The Ford Ranger’s credentials as a workhorse are unquestionable – especially when you factor in the 2013 updates - but it does suffer from a lack of refinement. Especially when compared to the Nissan Navara and Volkswagen Amarok. That said, if you want a heavy duty workhorse, capable of cutting it off-road and moving big loads, few pick-ups come close to matching the Ranger. 

Used Buying Guide - Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a tough workhorse with proven go anywhere credentials that leave many of its rivals in its dust. It's also an affordable used buy, with lots of well-kept examples on the market. We tell you what to look out for when buying second-hand.

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Ask Honest John

Are there any known faults with the Ford Ranger?

"I am thinking of buying a 2017 Ford Ranger 2.2 XLT 4x4 TDCi. Are there any known faults to look out for? The mileage is 64000."
The Ranger has a reasonably good reliability record, although injector failure is a known issue so look for excessive smoke under acceleration. It's not a major repair, though, as most decent garages would be able to do the job without it being too expensive. The only other real issue we've seen reported is a few engines where the oil pump has failed destroying the engine. It's rare, but we'd steer clear of anything with an incomplete service history for this reason, as dirty oil is the most common cause of pump failure.
Answered by Craig Cheetham

Can you recommend a 4x4 for towing?

"I need a car with 4wd in order to tow glider trailers out of farmer's muddy field. However, most of the driving will be on ordinary road so I need the option of 2wd. The Suzuki Jimny has 2wd/ 4wd high and low ratio and a 4wd high ratio with locked differentials and so fits the bill. However, it is small, noisy and under powered. I had a Toyota Rav 4 with supposedly 4wd but it got stuck towing a trailer in the snow. Can you advise which cars have the proper 4wd, (like the Jimny) and could pull a 2000kg glider trailer or a 4 berth caravan with a bit of comfort and could still get through mud and snow? I am looking for an automatic, second hand car with a maximum of 30,000 miles. Budget of less than £20,000. Any ideas? I am happy to consider a plug-in hybrid if it can tow. "
You will struggle to find a 'proper' 4x4 with selectable ratios and locking differentials in budget. All small-to-midsize SUVs have moved to a more economy-biased selectable all-wheel drive system. Other than the Jimny pretty much all of them are large SUVs or pick-up trucks that cost a bit more. That said, have you checked out the latest SsangYong Rexton? It's a proper 4x4 with plenty of SUV comfort and an automatic gearbox. There's also the Mitsubishi Shogun (very old-school but spacious and affordable) and the Toyota Land Cruiser (over-budget but probably the best proper 4x4 around). For pick-ups we'd be looking at the Mitsubishi L200 or Ford Ranger.
Answered by Lawrence Allan

What's the best used pickup for £5000?

"I'm looking for a pickup and I have a budget of up to £5000. What make/model would you recommend? Regards."
I don't think you'll get much for £5000. Most pick-ups in this price range will be 10+ years old with sky-high mileages. It will be a case of 'when' and not 'if' something expensive goes wrong. If you're looking for a cheap pick-up to run into the ground then a 13 or 14-year-old Ford Ranger might serve you for a year or two at this price range. But the fuel and maintenance costs will be high.
Answered by Dan Powell

Which pick-up is best for farm work?

"Please can you advise me on which pick up is the best? I've been looking at the Toyota Hilux, but I'm wondering what year would be the best to buy. My budget is £20k, but I could go a bit over. I've read the 2.4-litre is sluggish but would 2.8 be too juicy? We need a pick up for farm work, dog transport and the occasional school run - so multitasker really. Are there any other pickups I should be looking at? Thanks very much."
The Toyota Hilux has a strong reputation for reliability, but the 150PS 2.4-litre engine is not particularly refined or powerful. However, as a general farm vehicle, I think it would be fine for your everyday needs. Invincible models are very well-equipped as standard, with LED headlights, heated seats and 18-inch alloy wheels. If you want a pick-up with more punch then I'd recommend the 2.0-litre Ford Ranger Wildtrak with 170PS or 213PS:
Answered by Dan Powell
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