Citroen Dispatch (2007–2016)

What's good

Good versatility for buyers thanks to different wheelbases and roof height options, plus the cargo bay is a good size whichever model you pick.

Cabin is comfortable for the driver and comes with a good amount of standard equipment. Enterprise model brings air conditioning, Bluetooth and USB connection.

Punchy 2.0-litre diesel is refined and works well in all conditions, as well as meeting Euro 5 emissions regulations to allow free entry to London’s Low Emissions Zone.

What's bad

Recall 05-01-2009: Accelerator pedal may not return to original position after being depressed.

Recall 09-08-2010: Brake linkage rod not made to manufacturing standard and may cause premature wear.

Recall 05-10-2010: Exterior lights may switch off without warning.

Recall 22-02-2011: Fuel may leak due to pipe rubbing on fuel filter support in engine bay.

Recall 11-07-2011: Power steering may fail due to wiring coming into contact with other components.

Recall 31-08-2011: Cylinder head may leak oil and cause engine fire.

Recall 28-03-2012: Front left tyre may have suffered damage from deflation during transport.

Recall 20-7-2016 AIRBAG MAY INCORRECTLY DEPLOY. On affected vehicles the driver's air bag inflation device may not conform to specification. As a result may not deploy correctly during an impact. Replace the driver's air bag module on affected vehicles. Build dates: 26-4-2016 to 2-5-2016. VINS: VF3******GZ023603 to VF3******GJ676851

No ESP as standard on any model is now beginning to look like a major oversight compared to many rivals that now come with this feature.

Space in the cabin is limited for the two passengers and the gear lever mount jabs into the knee of the third occupant.

The 1.6-litre diesel engine feels too strained on the motorway and at higher speeds, negating any economy benefits of this motor.

Seems to be a problem of anti-roll bars repeatedly snapping on Dispatches used as 8/9 seater MPVs.

Problem of water dripping onto timing belt and corroding the metal strengthening in the belt. Can get a protective drip tray to stop this for about £30. 


What does a Citroen Dispatch (2007 – 2016) cost?