Citroen Relay (2006–)

Last updated 14 June 2019

One of the largest vans in its class, wide choice of wheelbases and heights, punchy engines, suited to heavy work and towing, comfortable ride and good handling.
Drab plastics and the passenger bench seat is not as comfortable as it should be for long distances, noisy at all speeds.
Updated 14 June 2109
Citroen Relay gets 2.2 turbodiesel engines

Following the success of New Berlingo Van and Dispatch, Relay gains Worker and Driver versions from July 2019 production. Benefits across the range will include new equipment and new Euro6.2 compliant...

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Jointly developed with Fiat and Peugeot, the Relay is a good large van that majors on carrying big loads for the lowest possible cost. This explains why it is one of the few serious threats to the Ford Transit’s superiority in this corner of the market.

The workmanlike appearance of the Citroen Relay’s cab tells you all you need to know about this van. It’s here to work and do a job, and do it well. This sums up the Relay’s approach to life and the cab offers a high-set driving position to give a great view of the road ahead. There’s also good vision from the side windows, though reversing can be tricky due to the Relay’s size. Load volumes span from eight to 17 cubic metres, while all get a useful 1.4 metres between the wheel arches. Payloads range from 1155kg to 1900kg.

All Relay models get navigation as standard in all models. This helps separate the Relay from its large van rivals and is a good selling point; however you have to spec up to Enterprise trim to get air conditioning and parking sensors.

The Relay comes with a choice of four body lengths, three roof heights and a spread of 110PS, 130PS and 150PS 2.2-litre turbodiesel engines and a 3.0-litre turbodiesel with 180PS. In 2016 Citroen introduced a range of Euro6 2.0 BlueHDi engines, with lower running costs and emissions. Power outputs, however, remain virtually unchanged. 

The Relay has some of the lowest running costs in its class, with advertised fuel economy peaking at 48.7mpg for panel van versions and 42.8mpg for dropsides. What might put you off the Relay is the amount of wind and road noise that can be heard in the cabin.

While the engines are decently quiet and keep themselves to themselves at higher speeds, the amount of whistle and grumble from wind and road can leave you wishing for a set of earplugs. The ride is also quite bumpy when the van is lightly loaded. This is a real shame for the Relay, especially when the Ford Transit is noted for its quiet and comfortable nature.

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