Citroen Relay (2006–)

What's good

The Relay is one of the largest vans in its class and offers users a wide choice of configurations thanks to variety of wheelbases, body lengths and roof heights. There’s also a choice of body styles.

Punchy engines make the Relay good to drive and the more powerful ones are ideally suited to heavy work and towing.

Comfortable ride and good handling are complemented in the Enterprise model by rear parking sensors to make it easy to nip into tight parking spots.

What's bad

Recall 18-02-2008: Brakes may fail due to faulty pipes.

Recall 20-03-2008: Steering may become stiff.

Recall 10-06-2008: Side indicators may not work with engine switched off.

Recall 16-07-2008: Reduced braking due to fault with brake assist vacuum pump.

Recall 21-07-2011: Spare wheel winch may fail and detach wheel.

Recall 30-08-2012: Handbrake cable support may fail and reduce efficiency of handbrake.

Spacious cabin is let down by some drab plastics and the passenger bench seat is not as comfortable as it should be for long distance duties.

There’s too much wind and road noise allowed into the Relay’s cabin at any speed above the urban limit, which is very wearing on long trips.

Longstanding problems with manual gearboxes. Seems that the old 4-speed box was adapted to 5-speed and 6-speed but the extra gears are not very well supported and failures are common, particularly on Sevel X250 based campers and motorhhomes.

Report of 2018 Citroen Relay 2.0 litre diesel cutting out on the motorway. Problem caused by the fuel line to the engine becoming detached. The fitting to secure the line is plastic rather than old style jubilee clips. Garage fitted metal clips to solve the issue. 

What does a Citroen Relay (2006) cost?