Citroen SpaceTourer (2016–)

What's good

Comfortable and family-friendly MPV.

Lots of interior space for up to eight adults.

Well equipped as standard.

Five-star Euro NCAP crash rating. 

What's bad

Boot space is small when all the seats are in place.

Not as refined as its German rivals.

Some engines are rather noisy. 

22-2-2017: Recall R/2017/60  Citroen Space Tourer UNEXPECTED AIRBAG DEPLOYMENT. On the affected vehicles, a possible nonconformity of certain seals on the vehicle’s body could lead to water ingress in the passenger compartment. This may affect the operation of the passenger air bag. Unintended deployment is possible. Fix: On affected vehicles add extra sealant and replace wet or water damaged components. Build dates: 15-10-2015 to 27-10-2017. VINS: VF7******GZ065379 to VF7******GZ063114 and VF7******GZ065379 to VF7******GZ063114.

19/06/2017: Recall R/2017/185: AIRCONDITIONING COMPRESSOR SUPPORT MOUNTINGS MAY NOT BE TO SPECIFICATION. The tightness of one of the air conditioning compressor support mountings may not be correct to specification. This will result in an abnormal noise and possibility of the compressor becoming insecure. Fix: On affected vehicles check the tightness of the support; where necessary the support will be replaced. VINS: VF3******GZ065379 to VF3******HZ001616. Build dates: 01-01-2016 to 06-03-2017.

03-01-2018: Recall R/2018/002: ENGINE COMPONENT MAY NOT BE TO SPECIFICATION. An engine component may not be to specification which could result in loss of engine performance. This may lead to the engine stalling and potentially causing an engine failure. In very unlikely circumstances the vehicle speed may increase without warning but will stop on its own after a few seconds. Fix: On affected vehicles carry out a functional diagnostic check of the engine. If necessary replace the engine. VINs: VF7******HZ089288 to VF7******HZ092275; VF7******HZ089288 to VF7******HZ092275. Build dates: 02-10-2017 to 30-11-2017.

15-08-219: Recall R/2019/257: There is a risk of inadvertent release to the front outer passenger seat belt. Modifying the central seat buckle with foam and heat-shrinkable protective tubing is required. VINS: VF7******HZ059566 to VF7******KZ023719.

What does a Citroen SpaceTourer (2016) cost?