Fiat Talento (2016–)

Last updated 5 April 2018

Like the Renault Trafic and Vauxhall Vivaro, the Fiat Talento is easy to drive on a daily basis, with car-like handling and some impressive powertrains. The 1.6-litre diesel range of engines are refined and quiet, which means long motorway runs can be completed in comfort, without the usual diesel din that you get with many medium-sized panel vans. 

The Euro6 four-cylinder diesels are available with single or twin-turbocharging, with the latter being the most-accomplished when it comes to power and economy. Badged as Ecojet diesels, the twin-turbo engines are offered with 135PS or 145PS and claimed economy ranges from 40 – 50.4mpg, depending on which bodystyle you choose.  

The twin-turbo Ecojet engines are packed with low-gear pull, with the first turbo providing high torque at low speeds to ensure instant engine responsiveness at low-to-medium revs. The second turbo is activated at higher engine speeds to maintain smooth power delivery across the entire rev range as you climb to motorway speeds. The results are impressive, with 300+Nm of torque flowing from just 1500rpm, which cuts down on gear changes and makes it easy to join a busy A road or fast moving roundabout when fully laden. 

The single-turbo engines - with 95PS or 120PS - feel more sluggish compared to the torque packed twin-turbos, but are sufficient enough for scooting around town or up and down the motorway. Economy is lower, however, with advertised economy ranging from 43.5 - 47.1mpg. All of the engines are linked to a six-speed manual and there are no automatic gearboxes in the range. 

Behind the wheel, the Talento handles more like a large family car than a van, with light and responsive steering that provides excellent feedback when it comes to a series of twisty roads. The upright driving position and wide windscreen make it easy for the driver to see approaching traffic at junctions, while the large door mirrors provide excellent side vision for spotting cyclists and reducing blind spots. 

Unlike the latest Ford Transit Custom, there's not much in the way of active safety kit. That means there is no adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist or automatic emergency braking at low speeds. You do get hill hold assistance, which saves using the hand brake by preventing the van from rolling backwards when on a steep hill, but you'll have to pay extra for a passenger airbag.

List Price from £20,795 +VAT
Buy new from £13,490 +VAT
Contract hire from £190.00 +VAT pm
Lease from £179.00 +VAT pm

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