Fiat Talento (2016–)

Last updated 5 April 2018

The load area of the Talento is much the same as the Trafic, NV300 and Vivaro, with 5.2 - 8.6 cubic metres offered across two wheelbases and two roof heights. In its largest form, the Talento will carry 1.2 tonnes and even the smallest versions will hold three euro pallets. Gross Vehicle weights range from 2.8 - 3.0 tonnes. 

Only one side sliding door is fitted as standard, but an additional one can be fitted as an optional extra. The twin rear doors open to 255 degrees, which means you can load large items without causing any damage to the doors and the single sliding side door has an opening of one metre.

Load volumes start at 5.2 cubic metres for the short wheelbase model and increase to 6.0 cubic metres for the long wheelbase versions with the standard roof. However, fit the optional high rood and the load volume climbs to 8.6m cubic metres.

The Talento's party piece is the optional loading hatch in the bulkhead; this builder-friendly device allows you to utilise the full load length of the van - including the space under the passenger seat. As a result, you can carry copper pipes and planks of wood, measuring 3.75m in the standard wheelbase or 4.1 metres in long wheelbase version.

The cabin is one of the best of any van in this class, with three seats up front and lots of all-round comfort. Admittedly, the middle seat is a little cramped, owing to the position of the gear stick, but only the largest of passengers will find this to be a problem on long trips.

The driver's seat has lots of padding for back support. There is also plenty of adjustment in the steering wheel for finding a comfortable driving position, with lots of adjustment in the seat. Interior storage is plentiful, with deep door pockets and a pair of large gloveboxes. There is no shortage of cup holders either and there are useful hooks for hanging work clothes and jackets.

Standard equipment on entry-level models is a little thin. Air conditioning, front fog lights and cruise control all cost extra, as does parking sensors and the bulkhead load hatch. The mobile office option is a worthy addition for those who regularly do paperwork when out and about, adding a folding passenger seat, clipboard holder and under-seat storage.

List Price from £20,795 +VAT
Buy new from £13,490 +VAT
Contract hire from £190.00 +VAT pm
Lease from £179.00 +VAT pm

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