Review: Ford Ranger (2022)

Striking new looks, will tow up to 3.5 tonnes, car-like autonomous driving tech, improved off-road ability.

Not available until 2022.

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9 September 2021

Ford unveils the first images of the 2022 Ford Ranger. The one-tonne pick-up will be built in partnership with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and built by Ford in South Africa. Read more

Ford Ranger (2022): At A Glance

The 2022 Ford Ranger competes with the SsangYong Musso, Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Amarok.

You could say it is the Volkswagen Amarok – the two pick-up will share the same mechanical platform, and Ford's manufacturing plant in South Africa will build them. Volkswagen will develop the pick-up trucks' autonomous driving systems.

It's the looks of the new Ranger that stand out most. It has a bulkier, more American-looking design that's apparent even in the camouflage pics released by Ford.

Infotainment will be the name of the game on the inside. Expect large screens (fitted with handy gadgets like Apple Carplay and Android Auto) to dominate the cabin. Large doors bins, multiple cup holders and a massive glovebox will make it easy to keep the Ranger's cabin tidy.

A towing capacity of 3500kg and a payload of more than 1000kg means there's no need to worry that the new Ranger has gone soft.

It'll be capable of tackling all types of terrains thanks to a standard-fit four-wheel-drive system with settings for mud, snow, rocks and sand.

Power is likely to come from a revised version of the current 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel that produces up to 213PS in its current form. It will be good for 0-62mph in less than 10 seconds and a top speed of more than 110mph. A fuel economy rating of 40mpg is possible.

Autonomous driving aids will add to the Ranger's everyday usability. It will be able to drive itself on the motorway and in queues of traffic, bring itself to a complete stop if it needs to.

So the new Ranger will be more striking to look at, harder working than the old model and easier to live with – will it be enough to hold its position as the UK's best selling pick-up? It goes on sale in 2022 with a price tag of around £26,000, so we'll soon know the answer.

What does a Ford Ranger (2022) cost?