Isuzu D-Max (2012–2021)

What's good

The Isuzu D-Max looks good and has a presence that is stylish rather than flashy, while inside the cabin is well made and simply laid out.

Towing and payload capacities are both good, with a 3.5 tonne braked capacity. 

Isuzu provides a generous level of standard equipment on all models that encompasses air conditioning, ESP, ABS brakes, electric front windows and driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags.

Isuzu offers an extended cab model that has side-hinged rear doors for easy access to the additional storage behind the front seats.

Punchy 163PS 2.5-litre turbodiesel engine is a powerful and swift performer through slick six-speed manual or five-speed automatic gearboxes.

D-Max was awarded a four star Euro NCAP rating. With 83 per cent adult occupant safety rating, 67 per cent child occupant rating, 51 cent pedestrian rating and 71 per cent for safety assistance systems.

Not restricted to 50mph on two lane roads and 60mph on dual carriageways (can do 60mph on two lane roads and 70mph on dual carriageways).

What's bad

The diesel engine can be a little too noisy for comfort when accelerating or working it hard when the D-Max is fully loaded.

Fiddly stereo buttons.

The steering wheel only adjusts a small amount for height movement and not at all for reach, which can limit the driving position for some drivers.

2-4-2019: Report of "momentary power band variation (which can occur at around/either side of 2000rpm) on post September 2018 68 reg WLTP compliant Isuzu D-Max 1.9 litre. Isuzu explained, "Your D-Max is fitted with what is called a NOx trap which is controlled by 2 oxygen sensors. The purpose of this NOx trap is essentially to reduce the Oxides of Nitrogen emissions. The ‘current’ duty cycle is controlled by the oxygen sensors signals which are sent to the ECU, which then increases the injector duration allowing more fuel to be injected into each engine cylinder in order to facilitate the burning off the Oxides of Nitrogen which is required in order to meet Euro 6 emissions, as per current legislation. Therefore, when the NOx gases are burnt when called for by the emission programming control system, the driver may experience a momentary variation in power as and when this process occurs."

What does a Isuzu D-Max (2012 – 2021) cost?