Renault Master (2010–)

What's good

Strong value new or used.

Punchy 2.3-litre chain cam dCi diesel engine.

Huge choice of bodystyles and conversions.

3.5 tonne Master will carry payloads weighing up to 1500kg

What's bad

General Motors PK5, PK6, PF1, PF6 manual transmission failure common in Traffic, Master and Primastar. The 'built-in' fault, which will result in failure, irrespective of how the vehicle is driven or serviced, is that the gearboxes are assembled in such a way that the preload on the bearings is massively over-torqued, which results in bearing failure, and the total destruction of the box from as low as 20k upwards. In some cases the boxes are built up so tight that it makes turning the box over by hand virtually impossible. Once the bearings are replaced, and shimmed correctly, the box will “go on” virtually indefinitely.

Very common gear linkage problem Renault Trafics, Renault Masters, Nissan Primastars, Vauxhall Vivaros and Vauxhall Movanos from 2001. The selector cable bush wears or simply pops off  the balljoint on the gearbox selector arm. Warrington Transmissions ( has developed a repair clip to prevent this from happening for just £8 that takes a mere 15 minutes to fit.

What does a Renault Master (2010) cost?