Toyota Hilux (2015–)

What's good

Practical and durable pick-up.

Great off-road.

Spacious cabin with lots of storage. 

Wide choice of bodystyles. 

Five star Euro NCAP rating with Toyota Safety Sense: 93% adult occupant safety, 82% child occupant safety, 83% pedestrian safety, 63% safety assist.

What's bad

Not the most comfortable pick-up to drive.

Average fuel economy.

Only certain versions will tow up to 3.5 tonnes, 

High spec models are expensive.

Only a three star Euro NCAP rating for standard models without Toyota Safety Sense. 85% adult occupant safety, 82% child occupant safety, 73% pedestrian safety, 25% safety assist.

23-1-2017: Problem with Toyota Safety Sense camera of December 2016 Toyota Hilux flashing saying the windscreen was dirty which it wasn't. Owner spoke to supplying dealer who told him known fault awaiting a modification. 9 months later took truck in after many phone calls asking if the mod was available as it was very distracting. Upgraded camera, heater and body module reflash applied then system calibrated but it wouldn't calibrate. New camera and sonar sensor fitted still wouldn't calibrate. Dealer was instructed to put different calibration figures in so it then passed. Truck is lying now at the dealer unfit to drive. Toyota refuses to take the truck back for replacement. Owner argues the fault was reported on second day of driving and unfortunately he allowed them the time to come up with a remedy which hasn't been sucessful.

10-12-2019: Report of severe leaking from Truckman top that came fitted to a new Toyota Hi Lux Invincible X leased on 21-9-2011. Found to be leaking when lessee took delivery. Leak later sealed at front of canopy but still leaking like a sieve through top tailgate (you can see daylight and put your finger in through a gap of top closing window). Advised by a different Toyota deale that it is a design issue with the top. Original dealer inserted two plastic sealing strips, but still leaking.


What does a Toyota Hilux (2015) cost?