Toyota Proace Verso (2016–)

What's good

Cheap to run.

Capable of carrying up to nine.

Lots of interior space.

Backed by Toyota's five year 100,000 miles warranty. 

What's bad

Ford Transit Custom and Volkswagen Caravelle are better to drive.

Boot space is limited when all of the seats are in place.

Some of the engines are noisy and lack refinement.

5-7-2018: Report of repeated problems with October 2017 Toyota Proace Verso, now with 4000 miles. The engine warning light came on, owner took it in, told it was a problem with the knock sensor. They checked the wiring, re-set the sensor and took for a test drive, no problems so gave it back. Three days later the same problem again. This has now happened three times, each time the garage does nothing more than reset the sensor. 

What does a Toyota Proace Verso (2016) cost?

List Price from £20,041 +VAT
Buy new from £14,782 +VAT
Contract hire from £172.11 +VAT pm
Lease from £161.25 +VAT pm