Top 10 Real MPG vans and pick-ups 2015

Overstated fuel economy figures are a real problem, leaving thousands of van drivers out of pocket every week. That why we launched Real MPG – a tool that lets drivers submit how many miles their vans actually do to the gallon. It covers all major makes and models and gives real life comparative data and allows van owners and buyers to see how much on-the-road fuel a vehicle really uses.

Why are official MPG figures so poor?

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Peugeot Partner - 105 per cent of official figure

The Peugeot Partner is the UK’s best van for real world fuel economy, scoring an impressive 105 per cent of its official figure. Real MPG only has submissions for two of the Partner’s powertrains – 1.6 HDI with 75PS or 90PS – but both score highly, with the 90PS unit exceeding Peugeot’s official claims. That means the 1.6 HDi 90 provides an average 48.1mpg. 

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Jack Mills    on 6 May 2024

The Top 10 Real MPG vans and pick-ups 2015 list provides invaluable insights for businesses seeking fuel-efficient vehicles. With rising fuel costs, optimizing mileage is crucial. Integrating an ai financial chatbot into fleet management could enhance cost-saving strategies further by analyzing fuel consumption data and suggesting efficient routes. This synergy between technology and practicality underscores the importance of staying ahead in both efficiency and innovation in today's competitive market.

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