Vauxhall Combo (2018 – 2024) Review

Vauxhall Combo (2018 – 2024) At A Glance


+Practical small van with one-tonne payload, will carry items up to 3440mm in length, can seat up to three in the front.

-Most of the smart tech costs extra, no high roof option, petrol engines won't arrive until late 2019.

The Combo marks a strong return to form for Vauxhall vans. Not only does it cover all of the important small van requirements, when it comes to carrying capacity, running costs and practicality, but it also breaks new ground when it comes to safety tech. It’s just a pity that the majority of the smart features cost extra.

The Vauxhall Combo is based on the same platform as the Citroen Berlingo, which means the largest versions will carry up to 1050kg and provide as much as 4.4 cubic metres of load space. It’ll also carry pipes and ladders, measuring up to 3.4 metres, when fitted with the optional FlexCargo load-through hatch.

Vauxhall edges ahead of its rivals, like the Ford Transit Connect and Volkswagen Caddy, when it comes to running costs. Advertised fuel economy peaks at 67.3mpg, which makes the Combo one of the most efficient vans in its class. 

The Combo is available in Standard (4.4 metres) or XL body lengths (4.75 metres) – both get the choice of two or three front seats in the front. All will carry two Euro pallets, while the 1.2 metre load width between the rear wheel arches provides enough space for a forklift to load the van without causing damage to the load bay. 

The Combo gets a huge array of useful, innovative tech. The overload warning system is the most important (albeit optional) addition, providing a timely reminder when the van nears its load limit. The van can also be fitted with a camera system, which emulates the rear-view mirror by displaying what's behind the van on the infotainment touchscreen.

At launch, the Combo gets the choice of 1.6 and 1.5 turbodiesels. The 1.6 Turbo D can be specified with 75PS or 100PS, with the latter providing the best balance between performance and fuel economy. A 130PS 1.5 Turbo D adds more power and torque for shifting heavy loads - it's also the only engine to get the optional eight-speed automatic gearbox. A 1.2 Puretech petrol is added to the range in mid-2019.

Regardless of which engine you choose, the Combo remains an easy and largely stress-free van to drive. The cabin is airy, comfortable and modern, while the light steering and firm suspension provides a supple ride quality that is only ever spoilt by the fitment of optional 16-inch alloy wheels. 

Ask Honest John

Which small van with windows should I buy?

"I am looking for small vans with four doors and side windows, what ideas do you have?"
The Ford Tourneo Courier Kombi is a great small van with windows and five seats: You can also get the Vauxhall Combo with rear windows and a second row of seats that can be folded into the bulkhead when they are not required:
Answered by Dan Powell

Is there a small van that's suitable for tall drivers?

"Are there any small vans that have sufficient driver space for someone 6'8" tall?"
The Citroen Nemo/Peugeot Bipper/Fiat Fiorino will all accommodate a tall driver. If you need something larger then I would suggest the Ford Transit Connect or Vauxhall Combo.
Answered by Dan Powell

I'm buying a new van. Should I choose a petrol or diesel engine?

"I've run Ford Transit Custom models (2.2-litre diesel and 2.0-litre diesel models) for the last 6 years. Next year I'm considering downsizing to a smaller van (such as Citroen, Toyota, Peugeot) to reduce lease repayment and running costs. I also found that I don't need a van with such a large payload. I'm a heating engineer and my daily work involves 20-mile trips (30% steep hills, 60% A/B roads and city centres, 10% motorways). Would a smaller petrol or diesel engine be the way to go?"
I think you'll be fine with a diesel if your minimum journey is 20-miles. The latest Vauxhall Combo/Peugeot Partner/Citroen Berlingo are all excellent small vans. The Ford Transit Connect is also very good.
Answered by Dan Powell

Which crew vans have seats that be removed?

"Do you know which, if any, small/medium crew vans with five or six seats have easily removable rear seats or totally fold away rear seats to create a flat cargo area?"
We'd recommend the new Vauxhall Combo crew cab. It has three rear seats and a moveable bulkhead that folds forward to provide a flat cargo area
Answered by Dan Powell
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