Volkswagen T6 Transporter Review 2024

Volkswagen T6 Transporter At A Glance


+Even more refined and car-like to drive, most economical 11PS 2.0 TDI is also the best, large range of body configurations, lots of standard equipment.

-Expensive to buy new or used, not an all-new Transporter rather a revamp of the T5, lacking legroom up front which hampers the driving position.

The Volkswagen T6 Transporter is a peach: an extremely fuel efficient, high quality and refined stuff-lugger, with a notable reduction in cabin noise compared to its predecessor, the T5. If you are looking for a comfortable and premium medium size van then look no further.

If you were to place the old Transporter T5 and a T6 side-by-side, you’d see the modernisation. That’s not least because of the T6’s distinctive LED daytime running lights - one bit of technology of many that’s lifted from Volkswagen’s passenger car range.

You do also get the largest range of body styles offered by any single van moniker, says Volkswagen, comprising a couple of wheelbases, three roof heights, four gross vehicle weights, and panel van, Kombi, Shuttle, Caravelle and California configurations. 

The engine range is derived from those found in your everyday Golf with the mainstay a Euro 6 compliant 2.0-litre TDI returning around 40mpg - a big improvement on the old model. In 2017, in response to the wave of anti-diesel sentiment, a 2.0-litre TSI petrol was added to the range for a limited period of time.

The Transporter was updated in 2019 and rebranded T6.1 to give a nod to its upgraded connectivity and safety tech. A new electro-mechanical power steering system was also introduced, improving on-road performance.

The cabin is comfortable and fitted with three seats as standard on all panel van versions. The Transporter is packed with car-like assistance and safety systems too, with adaptive cruise control, automatic city braking and post-collision braking. A driver monitoring system is also fitted as standard, with audio and visual signals triggered when the driver's behaviour indicates fatigue.

However, the T6 doesn’t simply shine because Volkswagen has thrown the entire passenger car stock cupboard at it – it shines because it’s taken a strong base and made it even stronger. One or two obvious giveaways aside, this is as car-like a van experience as you could hope for.

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Ask Honest John

Does the £40k VED premium apply to vans as well as cars?

"I am purchasing a new Volkswagen Transporter van and having it converted into a campervan. The purchase price of the basic van is just over £40k. Does the premium supplement apply to vans or does it only apply to cars?"
The premium tax rate for cars over £40,000 doesn't apply to light goods vehicles such as vans. So if you're buying a new Euro 5 compliant van, the annual tax rate is currently £140. There is a different system for campervans but as you're buying a van to convert, rather than buying a campervan or motorhome, these rates won't apply.
Answered by David Ross

What's the best van for towing?

"I have a Hyundai i800 but it has an issue where the clutch seems to overheat and stop working which means you have to stop for about 30 minutes which is not ideal. I carry a fair bit of disco equipment and screens around, so I need a van or large-capacity estate vehicle. It would be nice if it had an excellent MPG. "
You need to determine what size of van you need based on the size and weight of the equipment you need to carry, as a medium van will generally offer better fuel consumption than a large van, so you should choose the smallest van to suit your requirements. For medium vans you should look at options like the Ford Transit Custom or the Volkswagen Transporter, which can tow up to 2800kg and 2500kg respectively depending on the specification. If you need a large van, options like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter and Ford Transit offer up to 3500kg of towing capacity.
Answered by David Ross

Are Volkswagen vans fitted with DSG automatics?

"Are all new vehicles in the VW Transporter range fitted with DSG type auto gearboxes?"
All Volkswagen Transporters since the current version was introduced in 2015 are available with either a manual transmission or a DSG automatic.
Answered by David Ross

Best van for a family of six?

"I'm looking for a safe seven to eight seater to accommodate a family of six, with a dog, and luggage for everyday use."
A Ford Transit Custom, Vauxhall Vivaro or Volkswagen Transporter with two rows of seats that will accommodate six passengers - this should leave enough space in the rear for your dog and luggage.
Answered by Dan Powell
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