How do I improve the harsh suspension of my van?

The ride of my new Citroen Berlingo van is so hard. It doesn't absorb any bumps, it just thuds every time I go over any type slightly damaged road surface. I'm on 16-inch wheels. Does anyone else have this problem? Citroen say is normal. I'm sure it isn't. I find myself bracing every time I go over any type of pothole. It's spoiling the ownership of my new van.

Asked on 2 August 2018 by Adrian Howard

Answered by Dan Powell
Vans generally ride the road much harder than cars. Things are usually a lot worse when the van is empty, as there isn't a lot of weight to prevent the suspension bouncing up and down. I'd recommend to downsizing to 15-inch wheels. The issue you have is caused by a combination of the larger wheels and the uprated suspension, to take the maximum 850kg payload. Generally, the Berlingo will carry 650-750kg, with the heavy duty model (your one) using tougher springs to cope with the extra weight. Obviously, you benefit from the increased carrying capacity but the downside appears to be a rough ride when the van is empty.
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