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I want a van I can comfortably sleep in but that also has more than two seats - any recommendations?

I'm looking to buy a used car or van for everyday use. It needs to be well-equipped to comfortably sleep in at festivals or camping trips. I thought about getting a small van and putting a bed in the back but feel it will be a hassle with only two seats. The other alternative I've thought of is a car with fold flat seats so I could sleep in the boot, but I'd be compromised on space and comfort obviously. Ideally it needs to be under £5000 and not stupidly expensive to insure. Probably a lot to ask. Any recommendations?

Asked on 11 September 2018 by Jake Jeffrey

Answered by Dan Powell
I’d look at something compact and practical like the Ford Transit Connect. For £5000, you can easily secure a 2013 van, with 60,000-70,000 miles, full MoT and service history. They are also simple to work on, hugely practical and decently specified - particularly the post-2008 models. For our full review and used buying guide, see:
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