Our motorhome was repaired 'under warranty' but now we have to pay £2500?

We purchased a seven year old motorhome from a specialist dealer three years ago which included a three year warranty that covered repairs up to a value of £1000. The vehicle has been serviced and maintained by the same dealer since then. During it' last annual service and habitation check a problem with damp under the floor was discovered which needed remedial action. We were advised that this work would be covered by the warranty and would take a week to do. We therefore agreed for the repairs to go ahead. The work in fact took two weeks and we have been advised that because of the complexity the total bill is £3400 of which only £1000 is covered by the warranty which leaves an outstanding amount for us to pay of £2400. At no time were we given an estimate of the cost of the work or advised that the warranty wouldn't cover the amount. In fact we were specifically told that the good news is that the repairs were covered by the warranty. We are in a state of shock to be landed with such a huge bill out of the blue. Can you advise us where we stand in these circumstances?

Asked on 1 December 2018 by Michael Owen

Answered by Honest John
In that case, suggest to the dealer that the matter goes to Small Claims. You bought a three year warranty from the dealer. You were told by the dealer that the repairs would be covered by the warranty. On that basis you agreed to the repairs. You did not agree to repairs costing £2500 more than the warranty would pay: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/consumer-rights/
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