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Is the Great Wall Steed a good used pick-up?

Do you have any feedback concerning the Great Wall Steed? There are quite a few around and most have low miles. I was looking at the older Nissan Pathfinder but am told they are gas hogs and pretty agricultural for every day driving. I just started shooting after my retirement and am looking for a dual purpose wagon for the supermarket and the weekend shoot.

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We would not recommend buying a Great wall pick-up. International Motors Group (which operates Great Wall in the UK) stopped importing vehicles some time ago and the franchised dealer network is shrinking with dealers closing their doors. Given the uncertainty over its future, I suspect it will become increasingly difficult to find a service centre that will honour Great Wall’s six-year-warranty. If you need a quality used pick-up, we'd would recommend a Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max or Toyota Hilux.
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