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What GAP insurance would you recommend for a van on contract hire?

What GAP insurance would you recommend for a van on contract hire?

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If a van is on a long term contract hire agreement then GAP insurance will cover any potential gap between the insurance payout and the sum you owe the finance company in the event of a total loss (write-off). The best policy will very much depend on the type of financial agreement you have take out. Generally, there are three types of GAP insurance - Vehicle Replacement, Return to Invoice and Finance GAP. Finance GAP is the traditionally the cheapest and covers the gap between your insurer’s payout and the amount of any outstanding finance left on your van. Vehicle Replacement is usually the most expensive but provides added protection against any potential price rises that may have been introduced for your model of van. Return to Invoice (as the name implies) covers the gap up to the invoice price of the van.

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