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What's the best van that also has rear seats?

I currently lease a Nissan panel van NV200 with rear folding seats and no side window. I don't know if that's called a crew van or combi van but the lease finishes soon and I need to replace it with either the same van or something similar. A panel van with rear folding seats. It's used for work delivering and then family (two kids and two dogs) to go camping etc. What other vans can you recommend or is the Nissan the best choice and value for money. I'm looking to buy this time new or used and not lease as mileage and condition might be an issue. I have a budget of £200pcm and about a £1000 deposit. I called a Nissan dealer who said they don't make the NV200 with the rear folding seats any more? is this correct?

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It sounds like you have the NV200 crew van. However, given that Nissan has axed this model from its line-up, you will not be able to order a new one. You might be able to find another NV200 crew van on the used market:

Otherwise, something like the Volkswagen Caddy Kombi might suit your needs. It has a five-seat layout and the second row can be removed or folded.
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