What can I do if I think a vehicle has been issued an MoT when it's not roadworthy?

I purchased a van with four months MoT. The history shows that it failed its MoT in 2017 due to lots of welding being required. In 2018 an MoT was issued with no advisories but today I took the van to a garage to check it over, only to find that everything it failed on in 2017 had not been touched. What can I do?

Asked on 14 June 2019 by carl

Answered by Dan Powell
You can report the MoT station, here:www.gov.uk/government/publications/complain-about-...t

You could try and sue the seller for breach of contract, but you'd need documented proof (a copy of the original advert) that they misled you with the van's description. It will be very difficult to prove a breach of contract if the assurances were made verbally.

In any case, a route through the small claims court will allow you to claim up to £10,000. But I'd strongly recommend getting some advice from a solicitor before taking any form of legal action.
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