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We bought a motorhome and less than a year later it has damp problems - can we reject it?

We bought a motorhome from a dealer - it’s five years old. It had a damp check when we bought it - but now after 10 months it has damp. Can we reject the vehicle?

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You cannot reject the motorhome for an automatic refund, but you can ask the dealer to put things right. Generally speaking, motorhome dealers can be held responsible for any fault that develops within the first six months of ownership - this is because the problem is legally deemed to be present or developing at the time of sale. After this timeframe, the onus is on the owner to prove the vehicle was faulty when purchased.

Contact the dealer and try to reach an amicable solution. Keep a record of your correspondence and ensure any verbal agreements are put in writing. If they refuse to help, you will need to get legal advice. And an independent engineer's report to pinpoint the fault(s) and explain why the dealer is responsible. For your legal rights, see:
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