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How can I get an owner's manual for my motorhome?

A few months ago I purchased a motorhome from one of the UK's largest caravan and motorhome companies. There was no cab manual provided when the vehicle was handed over to me. I have now asked the manufacturer to supply the manual about four times. After using their customer service with no success I have sent emails to the Managing Director and a letter to the Chairman. As of today they have not even sent me a reply. All Customer Services said was that they had asked their van supplier to send one to me directly. Still, nothing came. What if anything can I do now?

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Most owner's handbooks can be viewed and downloaded via the manufacturer's website for free. A quick search on Google should uncover it. Otherwise, I'd recommend visiting the showroom/seller in person and insist that they order/pay for one. Again, most vanmakers will arrange for one to be sent out.
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