Is age or mileage more important when buying a pick-up?

I'm looking to buy a Mitsubishi L200 for work including towing a fairly heavy trailer. My is budget £7000. Obviously each vehicle is different but in principle, would you opt for a 2008 model with 50,000 miles or a 2014 with 90,000 miles?

Asked on 20 August 2019 by Tim Hughes

Answered by Dan Powell
Always aim to buy the newest vehicle you can afford: a higher mileage pick-up that's been meticulously maintained will be a better buy than an older model that's been sitting around for long periods doing nothing. The L200 is prone to the fuel filter clogging up and this will be more likely with a pick-up that covers just 5000 miles a year. Other known issues include suction control valves on the fuel pumps, which is related to poor quality diesel.

The vehicle should have a fully documented service history and a folder of receipts for any work that's been done. Ask when the diff oil was last changed, the front needs refreshing every six years and the rear every four.
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