Bricks and mortified

I'm probably not going to get any sympathy, but being a builder I drive a van. I don't have explain what happens when you traverse four speed humps with a van full of tools and materials. Unpleasant is an understatement. These humps are adjacent to the high school so their location is nearly acceptable. However, many tradesmen find them too painful and take the alternative route, right past the junior school. At around 9am and 3pm I revert to the speed humps and I'm sure they are the cause for the premature demise of my exhaust pipe.

Asked on 28 August 2010 by JB, via email

Answered by Honest John
Also, just think of the effect of your van crashing up then crashing down from the speed humps. The percussion sends tremors through the road surface, which is why roads break up badly before and after speed humps. So not only has taxpayer’s money been diverted from road maintenance into installing speed humps, the speed humps themselves increase the road maintenance bill. However, as a builder you may yet make some money repairing garden walls adjacent to speed humps that have collapsed from the shocks fed through the ground to them.
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