Cam belt failure after 100,000 miles - who should pay for the repair?

I have a 2020 Ford Transit Connect 1.5 diesel. It is just out of warranty at 106,500 miles and the cam belt has failed.

My local mechanic says the cam belt should be changed at 108,000 miles, that’s approximately 1,500 miles longer than mine lasted. The van has had all its required services and has not been treated harshly, spending most of its life on the motorway.

Ford says it’s unfortunate that the cam belt failed prior to the service interval of 108,000 miles but the mileage they quote is only a “guide”.

After some further discussion, they have offered a £250 Ford voucher towards any parts needed. Bearing in mind I could be looking at a cost of over £2,000 what is your opinion of Ford's response to my misfortune?

Asked on 22 November 2022 by Topsparks

Answered by Dan Powell
Ford is correct, the 108,000/10-year cam belt change is a guide and not a guarantee. In reality, the cam belt (and the water pump) should be replaced every 60,000 miles or five years (whichever comes first).

The Ford dealer that sold you the car may be willing to contribute further to the cost of the repair but I don't think you have any grounds to demand a free repair from either the original seller or Ford UK.

I would suggest getting further quotes from outside of the Ford dealer network. An independent garage may be able to complete the repair at a much lower price than the dealer, even after you've deducted the £250 voucher.
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