Can I return a used Vauxhall Combi van I bought that was fitted with a speed limiter?

I’ve just purchased Vauxhall Combo from North Star Garage and discovered that the vehicle has got a lock speed which means I can drive up to 70mph only. I haven't been told about lock speed and there is no evidence in paperwork that vehicle has got that limit. The garage owner says that didn't know about that either and there “is nothing wrong if the car has got it," which of course doesn't satisfy me. Does the garage have legal obligation to remove the lock speed (if possible) or can I demand full refund I paid for the car?

Asked on 12 June 2011 by AM, via email

Answered by Honest John
This must be an ex-Post Office van. They are governed to 70mph. It's debatable that a court would regard a speed governor on a van to be a defect. I don't think it would. 70mph remains the maximum speed limit in the UK and the van limit on single lane A-roads is 50mph.
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