What van for a younger driver?

We want a reliable small van for our 17 year old who will travel around GB for outdoor sports. He may sleep in back occasionally so should accommodate a mattress. It should be lowest insurance possible, carry driver and 2 passengers and be cheap to upkeep. Quote to insure on a Berlingo was £9 - 10K which is impossible. Rather spend more initially and then save on insurance.

Asked on 29 September 2012 by Vanseeker

Answered by Honest John
Better not a van at all. Better a Berlingo Multispace or Peugeot Partner or Renault Kangoo or FIAT Doblo with windows. Cheaper to insure with better resale. Anyway, there's no such thing as a 3 seater small van, unless you mean the rare option on a Berlingo of three across (very uncomfortable) seating.
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