Engine wont turn over

I have a Vauxhall Corsa Combo 1.7 diesel and I got in it the other day but nothing turned over.

It was working OK the day before so I thought it was the starter motor, so I replaced it yet it still won't turn over.

The engine is OK it had a new cambelt last year and a new alternator.

The lights are all on on the dash when I put the key in but nothing happens.

EDU got replaced last year also its got to be a electrical fault as there can't be any feed going to the starter or battery.

Battery is fully charged lights work on full beam everything else working but nothing when I turn the key?

Asked on 8 April 2013 by conwyman

Answered by Alan Ross
Well we would suggest that you check Fuse F48 (30 amp) first, if okay then check the earth connection for the starter motor. If okay then check the starter motor relay.
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