Trader won't give refund over dangerous van - what are my options?

I have recently purchased a 2007 Fiat Ducato from a trader. Within a day of buying it, the clutch pedal started sticking and the speedo would only work intermittently. I had the van inspected by a local garage and was given a list of faults, which included speedo, ERG valve and dangerous brake discs. The air con belt had also been removed, which the mechanic said was done because the pump was broken.

I’ve contacted the trader, but he’s given me nothing but excuses about his dad being ill and things going wrong with his personal life. He has also denied he sold me the van as a trader and said it was a personal sale, so no warranty or guarantee. He has offered £250 as a goodwill gesture and said he bought the van a few years ago. However, I paid £6750 plus £150 delivery, and feel like I’ve been ripped off. Where do I stand legally and what should I do next?

Asked on 19 November 2013 by muel

Answered by Honest John
Pay no attention to his sob story. You can tell from the V5C how long the van was registered to him. If it was never registered to him he was lying and it was a trade sale, so you can sue him for the full cost. Law here:
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