Engine blown due to bad workmanship - what should I do?

I took my van into my garage as it was belching smoke and making a whirring noise on acceleration. I thought it might be the turbo, but the garage said it was two faulty injectors. I had these replaced and collected the van to find it still smoking and whirring. Rang garage straight away to be told there was no problem and the van was in perfect order.
Drove the next day and smoke got worse so attempted to return van to garage. Oil light came on and engine knocked so pulled straight over and checked the oil to find it empty. Got recovered to garage and they said my turbo had blown. The turbo is under warranty as it was replaced in July.

Garage now says the engine is damaged beyond repair. I want to know if I should make a claim against the garage for firstly not checking the turbo like I asked and also for the fact a warrantied part caused the engine to break?

The garage are saying they turbo can be replaced free of charge but everything else I am liable for.

Asked on 25 February 2014 by sib1976

Answered by Honest John
Small claims track of the county court. The way you have presented your case here, I think you will need professional legal assistance.
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