Overheating Suzuki Carry

I have a couple of problems with my 2003 Suzuki Carry. The engine has started to overheat. My local garage did a test for a blown head gasket which showed that the head gasket is ok, so they changed the thermostat, but it made no difference.

Also the engine is running rough. It idles ok but is jerky when under load. Again the local garage did a diagnostic test which they said showed that the coil pack to cylinders 1 & 4 was failing. They changed this but it has made no difference.

I asked my Suzuki dealer who said that there is no code that would show this, only that there is a problem with a particular cylinder. Any ideas?

Asked on 25 November 2014 by Keith Ives

Answered by Alan Ross
Well the main reasons for overheating would be
1 Head gasket
2 Radiator
3 Thermostat.
4.Leak in the cooling system
5 Fan not working.
6 Water pump.
Given that a garage has checked the head gasket ( did the get a compression reading for all cylinders and if so what where they)
They changed the thermostat.
Then would suggest that you check/flush the radiator .
Check to see that the fan is kicking in correctly.
Double check all hoses/connections for leaks.
Check to see that the water pump is working correctly.
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