Lease vehicle off the road - what do I do?

I have leased a Ford Transit Custom. It has been damaged in an accident (in January) and is immobile. Ford are unable to supply the parts until mid April so the van will be off the road for at least 3 months. The lease company are making no effort to fix this situation and I can find nothing in the contract which covers an event of this nature.
I am not too happy to be paying for something I haven't got. Would I be within my rights to demand a refund of 3 months lease payments?

Asked on 28 February 2015 by Marcob

Answered by Honest John
I'm not a specialist in this area of law. But I don't see how the leasing company can be held responsible for the inability of the dealer to supply the parts to repair the van. The lease company was not responsible for the damage. But if you were third party to a crash and someone else is to blame for it, I think you can sue them for the cost of supplying a replacement van while yours is incapacitated.
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