Is the Peugeot Bipper a car-based van in the context of applicable speed limits?

What is your take on the speed limits applicable to the Peugeot Bipper van? It appears to fit into the 'car-based light van' category, given the existence of the Bipper Tepee MPV and a maximum weight of less than 2 tonnes, but other people's opinions seem to differ. It is a little embarrassing, to say the least, if not illegal, to be unaware of the speed limits applicable to a vehicle I am driving, especially as most of my trips are on unrestricted single and dual carriageway 'A' roads.

The advice on the website implies the 'car-based van' category is intended to apply to Corsa and Fiesta-sized vans. It makes no direct mention of any larger vehicles, although I believe the 'Transit Connect' and Peugeot 'Partner' are classified as vans, but the Renault Kangoo and Citroen Berlingo are considered to be cars.

Asked on 12 July 2010 by TicklyT

Answered by Honest John
The MPV is a van-based car, so the Bipper van is not a car-derived van. It's 50mph in a 60mph zone.
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